Sunday, December 13, 2009

"ANTIQUES IN OLD TOWN" Lilburn, are a few pictures of Cheryl Alexander's booth all decked out for Christmas. She is amazing! I love everything she sells and the way she displays it. I could actually live in her booth!


Connie said...

The photos ARE delightful, sugar! Like you, I could live in some booths I see on the blogs.

Unveiling my Pink and Roses Christmas tree on the 17th so be sure and visit, chick....


The Stylish House said...

I agree your friend Cheryl's booth is lovely!! She really knows how to set up an interesting space. She is the type of person I like to study and learn from.

June said...

Oh my goodness...this booth IS fabulous. Hey, when we get old let's see if we can move in here together and have old lady teas and wear pretty lacy things. Wouldn't that be fun? I definitely could live here!

Alisa said...

Very pretty!

The best booths are the ones you feel you could live in, aren't they?! There is an entire shop down here that makes me feel that way.

Marydon Ford said...

Awesome! I could live here ... reminds me of June's home ... gorgeous!

Merry Christmas, TTFN ~ Marydon

Sandy Michelle said...

What lovely displays!!! I wish I were there in person to see it all! Have a great week Sherry!

Sandy xox

LanguageTimothy said...

Your blog is beautiful :)
Love it!

just_charming_ said...

Hi Sherry, I finally managed to get a copy of Country Victorian featuring your Beautiful house. It was worth the wait as your house is simply stunning!! Have a wonderful Christmas, Suzanne.XO

Laura Lis said...

Lovely photos! What a beautiful is your blog!
Merry Christmas!

Suzanne MacCrone said...

Hi Sherry,

This shop is such a find. Next time you go, I may hitch a ride from you! You captured it beautifully with your camera.

Ciao bella,
Suzanne said...

I had to come and take another look after you mentioned the place to me. Yes, great inspiration!!

whimsy said...

I know Cheryl. She is one talented lady. Always loved her stuff. Tell her I said hello. You blog is just wonderful. Thank you for becoming a follower of mine. Come visit my booth if you are ever in Monroe Ga.
Whimsical Hugs

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