Monday, August 18, 2008

Beautiful Blue

Beautiful Blue Originally uploaded by Sherry's Rose Cottage
I am changing, ever changing! What's going on with me??? I ask myself this, time and time again. Could it be just a phase I am going through or just part of the aging process??? I don't know and maybe never will. I have never been one to love the color blue....I know that might sound weird to some people, since blue is usually everyone's color of choice. I should have liked blue since I had 3 boys and blue is for boys but I always liked pink.....all shades of pink! It is still my favorite color but lately I have been drawn to shades of blues....thus, the reason for purchasing the beautiful blue vintage prown gown, the blue pitcher and bowl, the blue book and the other items in this collage. I really love this collage of "Beautiful Blue" !!!

Make Mine Pink

here are some of the things I love......

  • Creating Vignettes
  • decorating my mantles....I have 7!
  • Diamonds!! oh yes!
  • Having God in my heart!
  • lacey, pretty, blingy things
  • Laughter & lots of it
  • memories
  • My condo on the beach in Florida. It's overlooking the beach...such a beautiful view!
  • My Family
  • My Grandbabies..2 boys & 8 girls!!
  • My Hunk of a Hubby, Steve
  • My Kitties~~Roosevelt & Stevie
  • Painting murals on walls
  • Pink Roses..everywhere!!
  • Spending time with my son, Eddie
  • The cute things my little granddaughters say
  • True friends!!! I love people!!
  • Vintage Compacts
  • Vintage Hats with lots of flowers
  • vintage pin cushion dolls

"My Furry Child"

"My Furry Child"