Monday, February 9, 2009

and finally.....

This is divine....a frame made of vintage wallpaper & accented with a rhinestone brooch. I love this!! It is now hanging in my pink & aqua guest bedroom with a picture of a Victorian lady in it. The picture shown here in the frame is one Rhea sent me, too.
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even more treasures!!!

I love, love, love these tussie mussies!!! I have never seen an aqua doily before. I have seen pink ones but not this perfect shade....after I received these, I searched on line but could never find any!! I tried making a white one but it turned out really flimsy so I gave up!!lol This felt heart is gorgeous, too...I have it hanging on a cabinet door in my kitchen. I love the white Christmas tree with all the little bells that I am certain she did by hand, glittered JOY & last but not least...look at this doll!!! I almost cried!! She has her original vintage lace dress and Rhea added wings, a crown and even a little tree that she is holding!!! Can you believe it??? She is beautiful!!! I will love her always!!!
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These are some of the treasures I received!!!

Besides the gorgeous handmade and perfectly embellished stocking that Miss Rhea sent me, she also sent these treasures...I adore the rose is such a treasure to me; a beautiful rose china plate, amazing cameos(I almost fainted when I opened this package!!!); an aqua candle stick beautiful and a hand made pin cushion decorated with a vintage flower and rhinestones and she even added gorgeous pins. I will tell you, I almost peed on myself when I was opening these packages. I was just soooo excited!!!
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Vintage Christmas Stocking Swap "2008"

Here is the beautiful stocking that sweet Rhea of "sweetnshabbyroses" made me for the swap. I almost fainted when I saw it!! It is so absolutely beautiful and so special! I will always treasure this stocking. I will add more pictures of what she sent me. I still can't believe the treasures she sent me!!! For some reason my computer will only let me blog 4 pictures at a time from Picasa & when I try to add pictures from my blog on a new post, the pictures are scattered everywhere. I'm pretty sure it's just a minor little thing to fix but I really don't know where to begin!!!lol Anyway, you might have seen my treasures from Rhea on Flickr. I posted them last month. I am still thrilled beyond words to have had her for my partner. She is so multi-talented!! I ordered some of her faux cupcakes and heart cookies and they are the prettiest I have ever seen!!
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Vintage Doll Collection

I adore vintage dolls!! I have most of them displayed in a vintage European crib. I always wonder about their previous owners and think how strange that they ended up with me!!!lol
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Colorful Vintage Pin Cushion!

I had to buy this vintage, heart shaped pin cushion when I spotted it at an antique shop in Florida. I picked it up and put it back on the shelf. I said to myself "Sherry, you have too many collections already and way too much DO NOT need this!!!" So I picked it back up, added it to my cart & bought it anyway!!! I don't listen to anyone....not even myself!! I'm glad I bought it, though....such pretty colors & looks pretty in this vignette. My favorite thing to do is to put together vignettes.
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Make Mine Pink

here are some of the things I love......

  • Creating Vignettes
  • decorating my mantles....I have 7!
  • Diamonds!! oh yes!
  • Having God in my heart!
  • lacey, pretty, blingy things
  • Laughter & lots of it
  • memories
  • My condo on the beach in Florida. It's overlooking the beach...such a beautiful view!
  • My Family
  • My Grandbabies..2 boys & 8 girls!!
  • My Hunk of a Hubby, Steve
  • My Kitties~~Roosevelt & Stevie
  • Painting murals on walls
  • Pink Roses..everywhere!!
  • Spending time with my son, Eddie
  • The cute things my little granddaughters say
  • True friends!!! I love people!!
  • Vintage Compacts
  • Vintage Hats with lots of flowers
  • vintage pin cushion dolls

"My Furry Child"

"My Furry Child"