Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Where does the time go???

I really don't know....it seems to fly away on invisible wings! I have discovered that the older I get, the faster it goes! When I was a little girl, I couldn't wait for my birthdays, now I dread them.  I was the oldest grandchild on my mother's side and I would flaunt it in my cousins faces! Now, they look at me and giggle about it! What goes around comes around, right!!lol
I have been busy, though. My sweet mother had major surgery and stayed with me for a while to recover. I really enjoyed the days we spent together.  My Uncle James, her brother, wanted her to stay with him a while so I had to share her with him.  I didn't want to but I knew that they would enjoy each others company & they are getting on up there in age & need to spend quality time together.
I have also been busy with my projects for Cassandra's event in Tampa "Marie's Danse des Fleurs" on February 25th -27th. http://mariesdansedesfleurs.blogspot.com/. I joined a M.A. shoe swap and a gift bag swap. My shoe turned out really pretty but I haven't taken any pics yet.
I have also been working on swaps for Kim Caldwell's event "Moulin Rouge" on March 17th -20th.http://artisticbliss.typepad.com/ and that is keeping me busy, in a fun way, of course!!
Today I had the 2nd part of a root canal.  YIKES!!! My endontist couldn't finish it last Tuesday so I got to go back today for more! My roots had calcified and he said it was like chiseling through marble.  He's a sweet guy, though.  It just hurts like a...............!!!
So here are just a few pictures I have to share with everyone.  I take lots of pictures and even got another new camera for Christmas(before finding out that there was nothing wrong with my old camera, it was the lense) but I like new things so that's alright.  The pictures are of my sweet cat, Stevie and a half doll perfume bottle that I made. I wasn't finished posting pictures but for some reason, it isn't letting me add anymore!!!

Make Mine Pink

here are some of the things I love......

  • Creating Vignettes
  • decorating my mantles....I have 7!
  • Diamonds!! oh yes!
  • Having God in my heart!
  • lacey, pretty, blingy things
  • Laughter & lots of it
  • memories
  • My condo on the beach in Florida. It's overlooking the beach...such a beautiful view!
  • My Family
  • My Grandbabies..2 boys & 8 girls!!
  • My Hunk of a Hubby, Steve
  • My Kitties~~Roosevelt & Stevie
  • Painting murals on walls
  • Pink Roses..everywhere!!
  • Spending time with my son, Eddie
  • The cute things my little granddaughters say
  • True friends!!! I love people!!
  • Vintage Compacts
  • Vintage Hats with lots of flowers
  • vintage pin cushion dolls

"My Furry Child"

"My Furry Child"