Sunday, December 20, 2009

You can view all the angel paperdolls here on the slide show created by our Hostess, Danielle Mueller!

THIS IS WHO RULES THE ROOST AT MY HOUSE!!! He thinks he's a human...he really does..

He  gets so mad at me if I leave him for a few hours during the day. When I return and try to pet him, he grunts & runs off. I guess that's to let me know how upset he is. After a couple of hours, he returns to his normal lovable self!!! My sweet little Stevie cat!!!

Make Mine Pink

here are some of the things I love......

  • Creating Vignettes
  • decorating my mantles....I have 7!
  • Diamonds!! oh yes!
  • Having God in my heart!
  • lacey, pretty, blingy things
  • Laughter & lots of it
  • memories
  • My condo on the beach in Florida. It's overlooking the beach...such a beautiful view!
  • My Family
  • My Grandbabies..2 boys & 8 girls!!
  • My Hunk of a Hubby, Steve
  • My Kitties~~Roosevelt & Stevie
  • Painting murals on walls
  • Pink Roses..everywhere!!
  • Spending time with my son, Eddie
  • The cute things my little granddaughters say
  • True friends!!! I love people!!
  • Vintage Compacts
  • Vintage Hats with lots of flowers
  • vintage pin cushion dolls

"My Furry Child"

"My Furry Child"